Avalon,Mickey - Mickey Avalon (Explicit Version)
Mickey Avalon (Explicit Version)
Rap/Hip Hop
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Track Listing
Waiting to Die (4:01)
So Rich, So Pretty (3:27)
Jane Fonda (3:40)
Roll the Dice (3:45)
Mr. Right (2:52)
Hustler Hall of Fame (3:28)
Roll Up Your Sleeves (3:41)
Friends and Lovers (2:37)
Dipped in Vaseline (3:09)
Romeo and Juliet (3:42)
My Dick (Tribute to Nate) (3:00)
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Mickey Avalon is the self-titled debut album from rapper Mickey Avalon. The album was released on MySpace Records in association with Interscope/Shoot to Kill Records on November 7, 2006. Avalon describes the album as "a glam rap record about Hollywood's seedy underbelly and the ugliness of my own life." The song "My Dick" was featured in the movie Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay and during the ending credits of the premiere episode of the HBO series Hung. "My Dick" can be found on Avalon's self-titled (Mickey Avalon) album as a hidden song on track 69. The song "Jane Fonda" was featured briefly in an episode of Entourage and can be heard in the 2009 film I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.


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Artist/Band Information

Mickey Avalon (born Yeshe Perl on December 3, 1975) is an American rapper from Hollywood, California. His debut self-titled solo album was released Nov. 7, 2006 on Interscope/Shoot to Kill Records in association with MySpace Records. Frequent topics of Avalon's songs are his experiences with substance abuse and prostitution.

Life and career

Avalon's family upbringing was tumultuous. His mother sold marijuana for a living (which Avalon began doing as well) and his father was a heroin addict.Albert, John. , LA Weekly. Published April 26, 1996. He is Orthodox Jewish., Blender. Published January 2007. By his early 20s, Avalon got married, had a daughter, and moved to Portland, Oregon.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, he was befriended by ex-MTV VJ Simon Rex who encouraged Avalon to rap and collaborated with him. The two began passing out demos to Hollywood clubs and soon developed a following among fans of the Santa Cruz nightclub scene. Mickey also attended college at Webster University in St. Louis, MO for a brief time before he signed with Interscope Records. Avalon is a member of the legendary Los Angeles-based graffiti crew CBS (Can't Be Stopped / City Bomb Squad)

Dyslexic Speedreaders

Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, and Beardo were the four members to make up the rap group, Dyslexic Speedreaders. Andre Legacy was Avalon's friend since elementary school and Beardo had been in the modeling business with Avalon before they gained fame. The last song to feature Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy was the song, "What Do You Say". Avalon had announced on his Myspace that this was the last Dyslexic Speedreaders song.

On November 7, 2010, Avalon announced on that he was leaving his label and that his relationship with Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy had been strained due to money issues. He told JC of theFIVE10 Radio that Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy never paid him back for all the money he had put into developing them and that was the reason they were not talking. He did say that there was still room for reconciliation stating, "No one slept with anyone's chick."


Mickey has a unique rhyming style and raps mostly about his experiences on the streets with drugs and prostitution. He was a member of the Dyslexic Speedreaders, a rap group which also includes rappers Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, and Beardo. Dirt Nasty, Beardo, and Andre Legacy all appear in Avalon's recent music video, "Fuckin' 'Em All".


In March 2007, Avalon was booed off the stage while opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, in Oklahoma City. During his set, Avalon threw his microphone at the audience in frustration, and walked off stage angrily. The next day, Red Hot Chili Peppers' lead guitarist John Frusciante wrote a letter to the band's fans in Oklahoma City, accusing them of booing Avalon for personal issues, and having a lack of "regard for humanity."

The same thing happened in The Netherlands when Avalon also opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the crowd started to throw all kinds of food at him, booed him and gave him the finger, eventually he left the stage. Many people in the crowd filmed this, where footage of this can still be seen scattered on YouTube. Published 3/25/2007.


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This text has been derived from Mickey Avalon on Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0

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