Headswim - Despite Yourself
Despite Yourself
Alternative rock
2 September 1997 (US) 18 May 1998 (UK & Europe)
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Despite Yourself is the second and final studio album released by the British rock band Headswim. The album was issued by Epic Records on 2 September 1997 in the US and on 18 May 1998 in the UK and the rest of Europe, and spawned two singles for the band, "Tourniquet" and "Better Made". The album's musical style showed a marked change from the hard rock/grunge of the band's earlier work towards a more personal, alternative rock sound (partly influenced by the death of the Glendinings' brother Matthew from leukaemia in 1994), which drew comparisons to Radioheadhttp Angela Lewis, The Independent, 16 May 1998. Retrieved 10 February 2011..

Although the album reached No. 24 in the UK Albums Chart

, it did not sell as well as hoped and Epic dropped the band soon after its release.



*Daniel Glendining – vocals, guitar

*Tom Glendining – drums

*Clovis Taylor – bass

*Nick Watts – keyboards, cello

Additional musicians

*Catherine Browning – violin

*Ian Burdge – cello

*Matthew Taylor – violin

*Rebecca Ware – viola

*Cheryl Enever – cello

*Michael Gray – violin

*Vincent Greene – viola

*Adrian Smith – violin

Technical personnel

*Steve Osborne – producer, mixer

*Adrian Bushby – recording and mix engineer

*Stylorouge – sleeve design

*Chris Floyd – photography


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Artist/Band Information

Headswim was an indie-rock band formed in Essex, England by Daniel Glendining (guitar/vocals) and his brother Tom Glendining (drums), along with their friends Clovis Taylor (bass) and Nick Watts (keyboards/backing vocals). The band had previously been known as Blinderhttp Biography on Matt Pegg's MySpace page but changed their name in 1992.


The band’s early sound was influenced by grunge and progressive rock. Headswim’s first releases were two four-track EPs, Tense Nervous Head and Moment of Union on their own Crush Records label (the eight songs from the two EPs would later be compiled and released as the mini-album Tense Moments). The EPs made enough of an impression for them to be signed by the Sony Music subsidiary Epic Records in an eight-album dealhttp Ryan Gilbey, interview with Tom Glendining, The Independent, 6 September 1994. Retrieved 10 February 2011. and they released their full-length debut album Flood in 1994. The album's third single "Crawl" made the UK Singles Chart and the band embarked on their first extensive tour of the UK and Europe.

However, the death later that year of Dan and Tom's brother Matthew (who had created all of the band's album artwork up to this point) after a long battle with leukaemia had a profound effect on the group. The band took some time to regroup and Headswim re-emerged in 1997 with their second album Despite Yourself which contained many cathartic songs about death and spirituality. The group’s music had also shifted from their earlier grunge influences to a more reflective alternative rock sound more akin to artists such as Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. The lead single "Tourniquet" reached the Top 30 in the UK and was a minor radio hit in the U.S. Soon after, the band supported Kula Shaker on a U.S. tour. However, sales of the album did not live up to expectations and Sony made the decision to drop them. Subsequently the band released only one further single, "Dusty Road", in 2000 on the independent record label Pet Sounds in the UK, before splitting up in early 2001.

Following the group’s split, Daniel Glendining formed a new band, BlackCar, essentially a solo project with occasional contributions from other musicians. He also composed the instrumental film score for Lindy Heymann’s 2010 low-budget British film, Kickshttp Daniel Glendining's MySpace page. Tom Glendining also plays drums for BlackCar, dividing his time between the group and another band, The Tenebrous Liarhttp Tom Glendining's MySpace page. Nick Watts now works as a graphic designer, but is still involved in the music business as he plays keyboards for the Danish alternative rock band Mew when they are on tourhttp Interview with Nick Watts by Tero Heikkenen on


Studio albums

*Flood (1994)

*Despite Yourself (1997)-US/(1998)-UK & Europe/UK #24


*Tense Nervous Head (1993)

*Moment of Union (1994)

*Tense Moments (1994)


*"Gone to Pot" (1994)

*"Soup" (1994)

*"Crawl" (1995) UK #64

*"Tourniquet" (1997)-US/(1998)-UK & Europe/UK #30

*"Better Made" (1998) UK #42

*"Dusty Road" (2000)

(highest UK chart positions taken from "British Hit Singles & Albums")


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