Larkin,Patty - Red = Luck
Red = Luck
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Red=Luck is singer-songwriter Patty Larkin's tenth album. Produced by Larkin, Bette Warner, and Ben Wittman in 2003 and distributed by Vanguard Records, it contained the following songs:Patty Larkin, . Retrieved January 8, 2008.

Album personnel

* Patty Larkin - vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, backing vocals

* Ben Wittman - drums

* Richard Gates - bass

* Mike Rivard - sintir

* John Hickey - electric guitar

* Marc Shulman - electric guitar

* Duke Levine - electric guitar

* Jeff Lang - slide guitar

* Seamus Egan - low flute and mandolin

* Mick McAuley - button accordion

* Winifred Horan - fiddle

* Merrie Amsterburg - backing vocals

* Jonatha Brooke - backing vocals

* Bette Warner - talking

* Tim Craven - electric guitar

* Gideon Freudmann - cello

* Jennifer Kimball - backing vocals

* Willy Porter - backing vocals, thumb piano



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Artist/Band Information

Patty Larkin (b. June 19, 1951, Des Moines, Iowa)Henkle, Doug, is a Boston-based singer-songwriter.

redefines the boundaries of folk-urban pop music with her inventive guitar wizardry and uncompromising vocals and lyrics. Acoustic Guitar hails her “soundscape experiments” while Rolling Stone praises her “evocative and subtle sonic shading.” She has been described as “riveting” (Chicago Tribune), “hypnotic” (Entertainment Weekly) and a “drop-dead brilliant” performer (Performing Songwriter).


Patty Larkin grew up in a musical and artistic family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Descended from a long line of Irish American singers and taletellers, her mother was a painter, her sisters both musicians. She learned at a young age to appreciate the beauty and magic of the arts. She began classical piano studies at age 7, and became swept up in the sounds of pop and folk in the 60s, teaching herself the guitar and experimenting with songwriting in high school. An English major, Larkin sang throughout her high school and college career, starting out in coffeehouses in Oregon and San Francisco. Upon graduation from the University of Oregon, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts and devoted herself to music, busking on the streets of Cambridge and studying jazz guitar at Berklee College of Music and with Boston area jazz guitarists.

Her recording career began in 1985 with Philo/Rounder Records where she recorded Step Into The Light, I’m Fine, and Live In The Square. In 1990, she signed to Windham Hill’s new High Street label and delivered 4 highly praised releases: Tango, Angels Running, Strangers World and Perishable Fruit. After Windham Hill was sold to BMG, Patty moved to Vanguard Records and released Agogo Live, Regrooving The Dream, Red=Luck and Watch The Sky. The latter was a NY Times Critic Choice.http In 2010, Patty celebrates her 25th year of recording with 25, a stripped down retrospective of 25 love songs with 25 featured guests (Road Narrows Records/Signature Sounds).

Patty Larkin produced La Guitara, a compilation of international women guitarists challenging the notion that there are no great women guitarists. She has also performed on numerous compilations and her songs have been featured in the following films: “Regrooving the Dream” in Evolution (Dreamworks); “Good Thing” in Random Hearts (Columbia Pictures); and “Coming Up For Air” and “Tenderness on the Block” in Sliding Doors (Miramax).

Patty Larkin is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Music degree from Berklee College of Music. She has also been honored by Boston’s Mayor Thomas Menino with “Patty Larkin Appreciation Day” for her career in music and philanthropic contributions.

Personal life

Patty currently lives with her partner and two adopted children in Truro, Cape Cod, MA.


(with Four Bitchin' Babes)

This text has been derived from Patty Larkin on Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0

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