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Joey Lawrence
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Joey Lawrence is the self-titled debut album from American singer and actor Joey Lawrence. It was released in 1993 on MCA Records. It featured a total of 3 singles; the biggest of which, the Lawrence co-written "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix", reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100.


*Produced By Teddy Riley, Steve Barri, Eric Beall, Vassal Benford, Steve Diamond, Alexandra Forbes, Jud J. Friedman, Axel Kroell, Jim Lang, Tony Peluso, Nathaniel Phillips, Ian Prince, Richard Scher & Eliot Wolff

*Associate Producer(s): Julie Barri, Joey Lawrence, Randy Nicklaus

*Engineers: Ted Blaisdell, Martin Brass, Phil Brown, Jim Lang, Tony Peluso, Richard Scher, Joe "Gruvtek" Seta, Fred Tenny, Eliot Wolff

*Assistant Engineers: Benny Mouthon, Axel Nielhaus

*Mixing: Ted Blaisdell, Victor Flores, Steve Peck, Tony Peluso

*Mix Assistant: Fred Kelly

*Mastering: Steve Hall


*Drums: Jim Lang, Nathaniel Phillips, Richard Scher

*Percussion: Ronald Spearman

*Drum Programming: Steve Skinner

*Programming: Steve Skinner

*Keyboards: Jim Lang, Nathaniel Phillips, Steve Skinner

*Guitars: Steve Diamond, Dean Parks, Sheldon Reynolds

*Saxophone: Richard Elliot, Dave Koz

*Backing Vocals: Maxi Anderson, Liz Constantine, Joey Diggs, Jim Gilstrap, Julia & Oren Waters, Maxine Willard-Waters, Terry Wood, Monalisa & Terry Young

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