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Mark Collie
January 5, 1993
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Mark Collie is the self-titled third studio album released by American country music artist Mark Collie. It was released in 1993 by MCA Records. It featured the singles "Even The Man In The Moon Is Crying", "Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame" & "Born To Love You". It peaked at #38 on the Top Country Albums chart.


*Mark Collie, Mark Casstevens: Acoustic Guitars

*Brent Mason, Brian Franklin: Electric Guitars

*Bruce Bouton: Steel Guitars, Slide Guitar

*John Barlow Jarvis: Keyboards, Piano

*Glenn Worf: Bass, Upright Bass

*Lonnie Wilson: Drums, Percussion


*Produced By Don Cook

*Recorded & Mixed By Mike Bradley

*Assistant Engineer: Mark Capps

*Mastered By Hank Williams

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*Liner Notes: "Mark Collie" CD. MCA Records, 1993

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Artist/Band Information

George Mark Collie (born January 18, 1956) is an American country music artist and occasional actor. He has released eight albums, and has charted 16 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. His highest peaking singles are "Even the Man in the Moon Is Cryin'" at #5, and "Born to Love You" at #6, from 1992 and 1993 respectively. Collie has also appeared in several films and television series, and has written songs for George Jones, Tim McGraw, Aaron Tippin and Garth Brooks.


George Mark Collie was born January 18, 1956 in Waynesboro, Tennessee, one of six siblings. Inspired by acts on the Sun Records roster, he learned how to play piano and guitar at an early age, and founded his first band at age twelve.

Later, Collie worked as a disc jockey. He volunteered to join the U.S. Army, but was rejected, reputedly due to his diabetes. Collie made his living as a musician in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with Ray Pillow recording one of his songs in 1977.

Musical career

Collie signed to MCA Records in 1989 and released his debut album Hardin County Line a year later. This album included four singles. First was "Something with a Ring to It," an Aaron Tippin co-write (later covered by Garth Brooks) which peaked at #50. After it were "Looks Aren't Everything", the title track, and "Let Her Go."

Born & Raised in Black & White followed in 1991. Of its singles — "Calloused Hands," "She's Never Comin' Back," and "It Don't Take a Lot" — only "She's Never Comin' Back" reached Top 30, although "Calloused Hands" was a #19 country hit in Canada. The album itself failed to chart.

His most successful album, 1993's self-titled album, produced his biggest chart hits in "Even the Man in the Moon Is Cryin'" and "Born to Love You," which respectively reached #5 and #6 on the country charts. After this came the lesser hits "Shame Shame Shame Shame" and "Something's Gonna Change Her Mind," This was also his only album to chart on The Billboard 200 and Top Heatseekers, at #156 and #6 respectively. In mid-1994, the duo Archer/Park charted in the Top 40 with the song "Where There's Smoke," which Collie co-wrote.

1994's Unleashed saw its lead-off single "It Is No Secret" miss Top 40, although the follow-up, "Hard Lovin' Woman," peaked at #13 in 1995. Despite the success of the latter single, however, he exited MCA that year. The same year, he signed to Giant Records, releasing Tennessee Plates near the end of the year. Although this album produced two more chart singles in "Three Words, Two Hearts, One Night" and "Steady as She Goes," he nonetheless exited Giant after only one album. His final chart entry was 1996's "Love to Burn" from the compilation album NASCAR: Hotter Than Ashpalt. A live compilation called Even the Man in the Moon Is Cryin followed in 1998.

Film and television

In 1998, Collie appeared as Johnny Cash in the short film I Still Miss Someone, in which he also co-wrote the screenplay with the film's director John Lloyd Miller. Shot mostly in black and white, it captures a moment in time during Cash's darkest years of the mid 1960s. He has appeared in episodes of television shows such as JAG, Walker, Texas Ranger and The Strip. Films in which he has appeared include The Punisher (playing the role of Harry Heck, a guitar strumming assassin sent to kill Frank Castle) and Fire Down Below.

Personal life

Collie has diabetes and volunteers often for the American Diabetes Association. He also hosts the "Mark Collie Celebrity Motorsports Festival For Diabetes Cure" held every October in Nashville at the Nashville Speedway.




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