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Douglas I. Foy, the embattled development secretary for Massachusetts, resigned yesterday, ending a three-year tenure that at times placed him in the firing line of his environmentalist friends and his pro-business Romney administration peers.Article Tools * PRINTER FRIENDLYPrinter friendly * SINGLE PAGESingle page * E-MAILE-mail to a friend * RSS FEEDSMass. RSS feed * RSS FEEDSAvailable RSS feeds * MOST E-MAILEDMost e-mailed * REPRINTS/PERMISSIONSReprints/permissionsMore: * Globe City/Region stories * Latest local news * Globe front page * * Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail * Breaking News AlertsFoy gave no detailed explanation for leaving and said he had no immediate plans. His resignation came only two months after Governor Mitt Romney rejected a landmark nine-state agreement Foy helped broker to limit greenhouse gas from power plants. Foy has also sparred with Romney on other issues, from the proposed wind farm off Cape Cod to a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal on Outer Brewster Island in the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.''It's time to leave . . . but we've had a terrific run with a lot of important achievements," Foy said at a news conference. The 59-year-old attorney and former Olympic athlete said it was a privilege to serve in government. With Romney not running for reelection as he weighs a presidential bid, Foy said it was time he too looked for new opportunities. He is the ninth high-ranking official in the Romney administration to leave in the past year.
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