Browse Video

The “Browse Video” feature allows you to browse the hundreds of thousands of video titles available in the online store. To the left of this page and throughout your video browsing experience you’ll find a navigation menu that is your key to browsing through hundreds of subject areas.

Simply click on the “+” to the left of any top-level subject area in the navigation menu at the left. This will expand the navigation menu to display links for all of the second-level, third-level etc. subjects within a main subject area. For example, clicking on the “+” next to “Blues” expands the menu to include links to “Alternative Latin, British Blues, Chicago Blues, etc.” etc.

After clicking on a link to a second-level subject you will be taken to a page where you can browse through the video within that subject area by artist. At the top of the page you will find a horizontal bar containing links for each letter of the alphabet. To brows all video within the subject with an artist starting with the letter “A” you would click on the “A” in the horizontal bar.

You may return to the main sections of the online store at any time by simply clicking on the “Pop video” button near the top of the page just below our company logo.

The video browser is fully customizable in the store manager. You can turn on or turn off categories or subcategories. You can rename categories. You can insert your own categories or subcategories. These new categories can link to any department page that you create or to any search that you define. You can add your own categorization to products in the database and combine these new categories in the existing browser. You can define different product browsers for books, video or video. You can combine searches for video, video and books products within a product browser. This means that you can create product browsers that let customers browse across product types.

With these tools you can completely tailor the pre defined video browser to your specialized market.